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Update to the notice posted a week or so ago.  The union met with management on Friday, November 3rd, to discuss the errors found, to discuss the reasons for some changes and we also discussed the timeline of these events.    
First thing on our agenda is to correct the errors and redo the initial chart to reflect those changes.  Secondly, was to post a joint notice of the timeline management is shooting for, which to date has not been sent to me so I am posting this notice so at least you have something to read concerning these changes.
Management has told us they will send out letters to every employee informing them whether their duty assignment will be affected or not affected.  If affected, then how.  This way you do not have to be concerned that you may have been left out.  The notifications will let you know if your duty assignment has been affected what will happen and what your choices are.  This mass notification should be completed by mid-November according to management.    
The first action following the mass notification will be to allow those employees who are in a section which will include excessing, the opportunity for in-section bidding.    This process, according to management, should be concluded before November 25th.  As you are aware, in-section bidding is the opportunity to bid for the duty assignments left in your section with just you and the other clerks who are in this section because the number of jobs in the section have been reduced.  
The next process should be placing the clerks into the duty assignments which were not affected and those duty assignments bid through the in-section bidding.  This should be completed by November 25th.
The next process will be when management then posts all of the remaining duty assignments and everyone will bid accordingly.  This process, again according to management, should begin on or before November 28th.  Obviously these duty assignments will not be awarded until sometime in the month of December and the employees placed into those duty assignments most likely on January 6th.  
This is the timeline management has given to the union.  Once management goes back in and makes the corrections to the duty assignments as discussed they will be providing us with the entire chart of clerk duty assignments to review again for our input.  That should happen this week and if everything looks good, we will request this be posted for all employees to review and ask that you review this chart and let us know if you see any issues or have questions concerning any of the changes.
Our next union meeting will be held on November 19th at 3:00 p.m. at the union hall, so if any union members wish to see the chart and/or discuss their concerns that would be a great time to do so.  This is one of the many reasons we pay union dues so you can attend our meetings and voice your opinions.  These are the events which you want to have a voice and be part of organization which has input over your working conditions.  Without being a member your voice means nothing, you are just along for the free ride and will go in the direction we choose to take you.  Being a dues paying member you have a voice not only in this but you have a voice and a vote on who heads this Local in the future.  These are very important parts of belonging to the union.  Hopefully you will have a long career working at the USPS, and if so, I don’t understand why you would not want to be in control over the direction and decisions your Local takes and makes.
Anyway, this is the process and the timeline as management has informed us.  I will make sure everything is in order and in compliance with the CBA.  
One last very important issue is you can attend union meetings, you can call the hall or my cell phone to talk to me, you can contact your steward or another officer, you can even look at our website designed and operated by Loretta Hackman (great job Loretta) or go to the National website to get your information.  We also have some very intelligent employees who have a lot of knowledge concerning the CBA, but you must be careful getting information from unreliable sources.  You have to know some employees just want to upset the group by feeding them bad information and rumors and then sitting back to watch the show.  Thank you for being a dues paying member.

In Solidarity,

Charley Mose, President
APWU, Tulsa Area Local #1348  

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