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I'm trying to get this information out to the members.  I've tried to reason with management on the staffing of the DBCS machines and have basically been ignored.  Now it is up to those who perform this work.  We will begin placing forms in the wall file outside of the union office for employees to fill out every night and turn in to the union.  These forms will be picked up and grievances will be filed.  This is our only way to fight this obvious violation.  OKC is currently staffed correctly because their members supplied the union with statements every day and the union filed over 70 grievances and management converted 30 PSE's to fill the jobs necessary to correctly staff the DBCS machines.


In August we met to discuss this issue and was told the machines will be staffed with two clerks.  This never happened so in September we discussed this issue again, still nothing.  Today we discussed this one last time and I informed Mr. Dalton we would begin filing grievance for this violation.  This effort will take many, if not all clerks who currently work in this section to document the violation if we are to get this resolved.  It has come time to either fight this issue or allow it to happen.  This is totally up to our DBCS clerks.  You can also fill out a Form 1767, Safety Hazard Report, which will also get their attention and will help if anyone later becomes injured because of the additional work required.


Other issues being forcing clerks to obtain medical documentation without justification, threaten clerks with discipline if goals are not met, force overtime, and several other issues.  Current management is telling me, if you don't like it file a grievance and unwilling to sit down and resolve these issues like we can and should, so once again, we will need to fight for these violations to cease and it will take a united front and effort.  We can take a stand or continue to allow management to violate our rights and get away with it, it is up to the clerks on the floor to decide.


Goals are just that, goals.  There is nothing management can contractually do to force goals on anyone.  We are not responsible for any goals they set.  If we want to reach their goals that's fine but you cannot be disciplined for not reaching a throughput goal or a dispatch goal or any other goal.

Threats of discipline on the workroom floor is harassment and should be treated as such and reported immediately.  If a supervisor wishes to discuss an issue with you then they should do so in private, to inform you of the issue, what you need to do to correct the issue and what may happen if yo do not.  They should never threaten any employee, especially on the work room floor.


I have received many complaints about these and other issues and I am doing everything I can but the fact is I am one person and cannot file all of the step 1 grievances, then perform all of the step 2 meetings, then appeal all of these denied grievances to step 3, in addition represent over 35 other offices.  Can't be done but I am trying, so unless we have someone on tour 3 willing to at least file the step 1 grievances we will just do the best we can and live with that.  We can get management to stop many of these issues but we will have to work at it and fight for it, otherwise they know we cannot or will not address every issue and they can do as they please, which currently they are, and thumbing their nose at us about it.  Basically told me today shut up or fight.  I know what I'm ready to do and it isn't to shut up.


I am asking for some help and support.  Without statements or forms filled out the same ole same ole will continue because the few stewards we have cannot address everything going on and it will get worse if we don't do something now.  We let these issues go on and management will just start doing other violations because they will then know we are unwilling or unable to address everything they can do to us.  In addition, many of these issues are clerk issues yet we only have 2 clerk stewards in the entire P&DC.  We need at minimum, two clerk stewards on each tour.


Please get the word out on these issues.  I'll get the forms printed as soon as I can and get them in the wall file outside the union office door.  Let me know if I can do anything else.  Let me know if anyone wishes to become involved.

In solidarity,   
Charley Mose

President, Tulsa Area Local #1348
American Postal Workers' Union

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